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  • Standing Lamp with Remote

    Wireless Music Sync: the light can dance with your music rhythm via APP mode (If you use local model, the speaker must be 5cm within the controller, otherwise the music sync function will be greatly reduced)

  • Lighting Mouse Pad

    Colorful Luminous LED Lighting Mouse Pad Firewatch Forest Non-Slip RGB Mousepad Gaming For PC Gamer 900x400mm Large Desk Mat XL

  • Silicone Neon Rope

    RGBIC With Chase Effect:[Dream Color Lights]: Special design by adding IC,this 5050 RGB LED strip lights can reaches variety of different color chasing effect like recurrently chasing,skipping,dancing,twinkling on the strip etc.

Waterfall Fountain With Color

put more water to cover the LED spray if it doesn't shows fog

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